Monday, 28 November 2016

Another (not so) fresh start

Karl Robinson's tenure will be the eighth of the Duchatelet era. We are currently the most dangerous place to manage in England with seven managers departing since the start of the 2012 season in a report done by the BBC. What makes that stat even more remarkable is that the first of those wasn't until March 2014.

Katrien Meire was once again undermined with the sacking of Slade, having backed the latest manager to depart just a couple of weeks beforehand on TalkSport. It already was, but her position becomes untenable for any football club other than our one.

I wish Robinson the best of luck because I am a Charlton fan and I want us to succeed. For a sweet few minutes after the equaliser I briefly forgot about the whole sorry affair. If he comes in and turns the club's fortunes around then it will be fantastic for everyone. However with the dysfunctional way in which the club is run, I do not see a way in which any manager could do well.

Roland continues to meddle in team affairs and still has his finger firmly poised over the red button. Driesen continues to be a scout. Meire continues to be our chief executive. Yet another person is in the firing line that is the Charlton dugout. In fact, nothing has changed other than O'Loughlin being taken on to the coaching team. What makes him viable as a candidate for such a role is anyone's guess.

With that set up the club is, in my opinion, doomed to failure. My view doesn't change, we need a fresh regime in order to take the club forward. Granted Robinson may come in and win a few games but so did Peeters, so did Riga, so did Luzon. Look how that went.

Protest fatigue has certainly set in, I accept that. That said, I don't believe we should just surrender and let them win. The mismanagement and demise we have seen over the past three years is extraordinary and it should not be forgotten. There has been nothing to suggest a change in the way the club is run, we must carry on.

A change of approach is needed in our fight too, because unity was one of our main weapons and we must fully recapture that.

I just wish he would sell so that we could forget about all of this and just get on with the football. I am so bored of all this.

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